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Laila Azra

Artist Statement:

I believe that life is a journey toward God. The shape of the journey depend on our path and our existence comprises of choices that we make this is the canvas of life that has been given to each human.

My style is abstract expressionism combined with mixed media to create texture and enhance visual experience of the audience. The movement I uses on canvases symbolizes life it self it can be smooth sailing or tumultuous yet create harmonious overall result.

Live life once, do the things I love and falling in love with the process, to fulfill my destiny as a God creations before back to him again in eternity.

Inspired a lot with the French philosopher Rene de Cartes: Cogito Ergo Sum “I think therefore I am”.

~Laila Azra


Laila Azra

Laila Azra:

Our understanding of what we see is conditioner by our personal and social cultural experience. These may serve as the starting point for visual experimentation.

I shop for fabrics when I travel to other countries. Sometimes, I use collage, combining the fabric with other materials to challenge, excite and surprise the image.

I am interested in working in the unknown, putting down paint, to scrap, drip and wash and be taken away until the work starts to speak to me I am happy.

I explore gesture marks, light, line and shapes. Through the process of layering, I discover patterns, which with the painting surface, intensify the impact of the look.